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Hygienic design of equipment provides optimal hygienic conditions and food safety increases significantly when a business chooses to invest in hygienic design.

Staff at DTU Center for Hygienic Design are experts in hygienic design, microbiology and how to fit out food production and related facilities.

Businesses of all sizes - from small owner-operators to large-scale food producers - can draw on the center's knowledge-based advice and receive help to reduce problems with salmonella and listeria in the production.

By giving individualized advice the Center gets businesses ready to enter a dialogue with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration regarding fit out and choice of hygienic design solutions.

The Center is approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to give advice to food businesses.

Thoughtful design, hygiene and cleaning all make a significant difference: They boost food safety and have a positive impact on a business’ bottom line by creating an efficiency gain through reduced production costs and improved operation.

DTU Center for Hygienic Design can help companies identify opportunities for resource optimization through the use of hygienically designed process equipment and production facilities.