DTU Center for Hygienic Design

Denmark has a very high level of food safety. Producers of both equipment and food set out strict requirements regarding the ability to properly clean equipment used in the food industry.

At the DTU Center for Hygienic Design, manufacturers can have their equipment tested and assessed according to international guidelines for hygienic design. The center can then certify the equipment, so manufacturers have proof of its hygienic properties.

The center combines innovation, development, design and quality with research and teaching and is the only test center in Scandinavia, which is authorized by EHEDG and DANAK. DANAK is the Danish Accreditation Fund and EHEDG is the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group.

The center uses methods which visualize poor design solutions that can cause microbial contamination of the equipment.

The center also offers consultancy and training based on skills within the areas of microbiology, materials technology, process technology, food technology and research.

The National Food Institute runs the Center for Hygienic Design and the center’s testrig is sponsored by GEA and Alfa Laval.